Dear Friends & Supporters,

I welcome you to join me in conversation at the premiere for my upcoming poetry video release 'GREAT': A melanated story of love & empowerment.

Myself, and a wonderful collective of creatives have invested lots of time and effort into the success of this piece, and I hope that you can join us for the final exhale! :)

Live performances on the night will include: poetry, dance, music & song. 

There will also be a lovely range of Kwéyòl (creole) jewellery & artwork on sale for purchase! Please walk with cash if you plan to make purchases.

About the poem: The poem documents the culture of disvaluing the worth of the black woman and how we must rise above it. In conversation, a female voice narrates the growth of the black man, who is often raised in a broken household and fed misconceptions of himself and his purpose as a man. The title ‘GREAT’ speaks to both sexes, encouraging women to value their worth, and for men to step into their greatness through retelling their own stories. It touches on the idea of matriarchy and how men who are often raised in such environments face the struggle against conforming and submitting to patriarchal norms. Essentially, the piece is a celebration of those who know and own their greatness.

I hope for, and welcome, the pleasure of your company!

Please book your seats ASAP as spaces are limited! BOOK NOW VIA:

Much Love,

Curmiah Lisette